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Because it is in our greatest interest to provide our customers with the highest standard when it comes to their vehicle repair problems, we make sure to use only the highest standard of equipment and materials on your vehicle. Also Hopkins and Lockhart Motors are certified and comply with requirements of: Limitations of Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds due to the use of Organic Solvents in Certain paints, Varnishes and Vehicle Refinishing Products Regulations 2007, which means all materials and equipment we use are better for the environment. Some of them include:

Blowtherm Low Bake Drying Oven

Blowtherm are the world’s premier manufacturer of vehicle spray-booths. For over 50 years Blowtherm have designed and manufactured high quality products that are sold all over the world today. This state of the art spray painting booth provides the perfect environment to ensure the highest quality of paint job.

DuPont Cromax Water Based Paint

Only the industries best paint will be used in repairing your car. DuPont is a leader in OEM water-based paints and is also at the forefront of waterborne paint technologies for the automotive repair sector. Cromax is a versatile system for high- performance, low-VOC private, commercial and fleet finishing.

Computerized Colour Matching System

A perfect repair deserves a perfect colour match. Vehicle owners expect this degree of quality, and for the re-finisher, it is a significant measure of competence. With our up to date and state of the art paint matching system installed, we can ensure that our paint work matches that of any manufacturer and make or model car or van.

Other Materials & Equipment

We make sure when repairing your car that only the best materials are used. We use materials developed by the market leaders in the industry such as 3M, Mirka, Glasurit, Dupont, Spies Hecker, AutoGlym and many more. We ensure to use only the highest quality brands in the motor repair industry to guarantee a perfect refinish every time.

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